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Forethix endorses global Principles for Responsible Banking

Forethix has officially endorsed the UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking– a single framework for a sustainable banking industry developed through an innovative partnership between banks worldwide and United Nations Environment’s Finance Initiative.

“At Forethix, we create a future where responsible principles & best practices go hand-in-hand with the investment decisions and management systems to create long term value for the investment community, and society at large. With our declaration of endorsement to the Principles for Responsible Banking, we affirm and express our willingness to embed leading sustainable practices in each of our missions.”;
Stéphanie Deltenre, Managing Director and Founder, Forethix
Stéphanie Deltenre, Managing Director and Founder, Forethix

It is part of Forethix’s core values to develop services based on innovation, robust subject-matter knowledge and field experience combined with expertise on national and international standards. The UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Bankingis a complementary framework for stakeholders of the financial sector to support banks intheir transition towards sustainable strategy across all their business areas. Ultimately, identifying where a bank has the potential to make the most positive contributions for a more sustainable economy through comparable disclosures and a unified methodological approach will benefit all stakeholders. The Principles for Responsible Banking set out the banking industry’s role and responsibility in shaping a sustainable future and in aligning the banking sector with the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. More than 75 banks around the world and 35 stakeholders have already become official Signatories of the Principles. More information about the Principles for Responsible Banking available here: