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Forethix joins Sustainaibility Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

Forethix joins the SASB Consultant Content Program

Whether used alone, alongside other reporting frameworks or as part of an integrated report, SASB standards and metrics enable companies to communicate with investors in a thorough, powerful way. Forethix is now part of the SASB Consultant Content Program to further help you out mastering SASB standards!

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) connects businesses and investors on the financial impacts of sustainability thanks to 77 industry specific disclosure standards within 11 sectors. SASB’s process identifies ESG factors reasonably likely to have a significant effect on the financial condition, operating performance, or market valuation of companies within an industry. Sustainability issues span over 5 categories: Environment, Leadership & Governance, Business model & innovation, Human capital and Social capital.

The non-financial information reporting landscape becoming complex, Forethix supports reporting organizations to understand, connect and get the most out of the major reporting frameworks.