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EU Taxonomy

Publication of new draft delegated acts

Adopted in 2020, the EU Taxonomy Regulation aims to narrow investments towards sustainable activities that can contribute to reaching the EU Green Deal’s goals, and also to provide transparency for both companies and investors.

The draft delegated acts of the Taxonomy is on the four remaining environmental objectives.

This new delegated act will set the technical screening criteria to assess and evaluate which economic activities qualify as making a substantial contribution to the following environmental objective set by the European Union :

Additionally, a new timeline for regulatory disclosures has been suggested by the European Commission. The dates are as follow:

Non financial undertakings :

Financial undertakings :

Consultation is open until May 3rd 2023 to provide feedback and comments to the EU here :

The final version of the act is expected to be available in June 2023.

Feel free to contact us for more information: