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On the way to sustainable procurement

Key economic player in the Eastern region of the Grand Duchy, employer of 370 employees and based in Echternach, Luxembourg, Bollig Group ensures public and school transport as well as the transport of people with specific needs, in particular through the activity “Adapto” ensuring mobility to people with reduced mobility. Created in 1946, the Group benefits from a significant experience when it comes to bus transport and is committed to make its business evolve along with the sustainability requirements and stakeholders expectations.

The challenge

Mobility plays a significant role in the energy transition and curbing carbon emissions. Public transport is part of the solution and has to live up to expectations when it comes to sustainability. Choosing technologies, equipment and many other business enablers – needs to be carefully carried out to make operations more responsible, contribute to fight climate change and reach the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The strategy

Since 2018, Bollig Group moved forward in terms of sustainable procurement aligned with the ISO 20400 guidelines and structured around the following steps:

  • Definition of a stakeholders engagement plan involving its main suppliers to identify the challenges they may face and grasp their key expectations.
  • Signature of a Supplier Code of Conduct. Before the approval request, feedback was asked to the main suppliers on the draft code as per the inclusive approach of the Group.
  • Development of a suppliers’ assessment featuring the main following components:
    • Sample criteria such as volume, expenditures, etc. to select the relevant suppliers to be thoroughly assessed;
    • Collection of information process through an assessment questionnaire and supporting evidence;
    • Ranking of the suppliers’ sustainability performance against ethics, occupational health & safety, environmental management and human rights

The outcomes

The roll-out of the suppliers’ assessment has started early 2020. We have gone through significant achievement to manage our impacts within our value chain but we still need to systematize the sustainability assessment and better integrate the results into the procurement decision.

Find out more about our corporate responsibility here

Forethix has supported us since the beginning of our CSR approach in 2017. We have, step by step, and over the expansion of our company, set up a strategy, an action plan and a reporting in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative standards that will allow us to pursue our development in a sustainable manner